What’s a Gift with Purchase Promotion?

A gift with purchase is simply giving the customer something extra for purchasing a product. The traditional marketing tactic has been used for centuries to help improve shopper’s experiences and add value to the product, it’s often used as an alternative to price promotions which can often be seen as devaluing a product.

When executed well, gift with purchase promotions can really jump out at consumers and grab their attention. Additionally, this popular sales promotion tactic can be used in conjunction with POS displays, in-store advertising, online & throughout publications to really enforce the message.

Why I Love it as a Consumer…

  • Who doesn’t love a freebie
  • The gifts can be fun and useful for everyday life
  • You feel rewarded and valued

Why I Love it as a Brand…

  • Creates a motive to buy- It’s another reason to into the product further
  • Brand advocacy- people can carry the brand and start to really embrace it
  • Gift with purchase can often come collector’s items for hardcore fans
  • Regular GWP can become part of the brand’s image and help sculpt competitive advantage
  • Creates a conversation between brand and consumer
  • Opportunity to capture data
  • It allows your piggyback current trends
  • Proven to improve sales uplift
  • Superb for data capture

When employing the gift with purchase tactic it’s vital that the product has synergy with your brand. It is also particularly effective to use a product which captures current trends. Heard of the fidget spinner going around? This is a prime example of how a product can explode into the market and become more than just a product.

“Now brands, desperate to be part of the latest trend, want their logos smacked into the middle of them, envisioning the toy as the perfect promotional swag to be given out during spring festivals, parades, and events.”- Campaign Monitor

Gift with Purchase in Practice

Example Scenario using the Fidget Spinner:

Gift with purchase: A branded fidget spinner which glows in the dark when spinning.

Communication and Route of Entry:

  • The campaign could be communicated on-pack and is publicised via TV and a series of digital articles & ads
  • A cereal brand could offer consumers a branded fidget spinner if they purchase two boxes
  • Consumer types the URN onto the promotional landing page
  • Adds their details and await to receive the branded fidget spinner in the post

Show us your Skills Fidgeters!


An additional mechanic headlined spin to win could also support the campaign, by encouraging people with the branded fidget spinner to show their tricks online and those with the most likes have a chance to win activity holidays.

“There’s no famous brand pushing this. This is for a generation that grew up on YouTube. The whole thing is sort of a mystery…it’s a real lesson for retailers and manufacturers.”- Campaign Monitor

The buzz around fidget spinners really highlights the power of YouTube and other social media channels as opposed to traditional marketing schemes. Making it an excellent platform for sales promotion. Of course, not all brands have budgets of nationwide GWP campaigns and it doesn’t have to be restricted to a cereal brand.

Click to Win Potential- “Win a Spinner with your Dinner”

A click to win mechanic could be employed. A child-targeted dinner brand could entice their market by offering a chance to win if you enter the in-pack promotional code online. Whilst parents may have to deal with some insufferable spinning, it’s a great way to engage kids around dinner time products.

What are the Variable Costs?

  • Fulfilment of each gift- how much will postage cost?
  • Data capture costs- storing and receiving all the data and addresses (once you’ve asked permission)

How Mando’s Experience can help:


Mando has assimilated data for over 40 years; that’s 3000 promotions in over 35 countries. Yielding integral data which helps you to create shopper sales promotions developed from a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, which can help predict campaign performance and costs, whilst helping you run campaigns which are driven to sell.


We are both the original promotional risk management company and WPP’s oldest stand-alone company. which is our assurance that you are always financially covered.


More information and more cover can help you create promotions without boundaries. We amplify reward and permit award-winning creative, allowing you to take the data provided and run with larger more enticing headlines.

Nullify risk, amplify reward and maximise results.

For more information on important questions to ask your promotional risk specialist, see our link, or for more ideas and details on all the promotional mechanics available to your brand, please, see the highlighted resource.



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