our people.

Photo of Becky Munday
becky munday: the chief

Becky began working life "in marketing" at United News and Media in Leeds, before becoming a Mando Account Manager in 1998. She is now Vice Chair of the IPM and her experience in Fixed Fee is legendary. Instrumental in Mando maintaining its top position in the market for a third decade (grovel).

risk is good because

"…I wouldn’t have taken the plunge with Mando after coming down from Leeds. I had no idea what they did but thought it was well worth taking a chance. It was."

Photo of Rob Pumfrey
rob pumfrey: the daredevil

Rob is another man of ‘experience’, gaining employment in a variety of agencies for 10 years. He’s also managed an environmental management consultancy, assessing a different kind of risk. So now we know who’s to blame for not noticing the polar ice caps were melting.

risk is good because

"…otherwise I’d never have jumped off a 75–foot waterfall in the middle of the Queensland bush. I didn’t know if anyone had ever done it before, I slipped on take off and was 100km from the nearest town – but the adrenalin rush was unforgettable."

Photo of Joanna Pielinska
joanna pielinska: ryzyko jest dobre

After several years as a German teacher in Poland, the trilingual Joanna started her sales career in the printing industry. She joined Mando in 2008 managing clients in Germany and taking the world of Mando to Poland.

risk is good because

"…I finally fulfilled my dream to travel to Spain, making a short stop in the UK on the way. It’s full of surprises here! Still not reached Spain, still in the UK, still rains too much, but still the dream’s alive."

Photo of Leonie Walker
leonie walker: the graduate

Leonie left her cushty student life to join Mando where she project manages the promotions for Germany. With a little help from her colleagues she has entered the ‘real world’ – putting theory into practice.

risk is good because

"…It makes life exciting! Without risk I wouldn’t have embarked on my year abroad in Germany. I arrived in Munich bewildered and apprehensive; I left 9 months later with confidence and some amazing memories."

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