Consumers across Europe could receive cashback up to £125 when they purchased a Dell printer.

Providing they purchased a printer, filled in a cashback form on the website & uploaded an invoice – they would then receive a BACS transfer.

  • Client: Dell
  • Our Role: fixed fee, fulfilment, promotional consultancy
  • Country: UK, France and Germany
  • Website:

The Challenge

Cashbacks are typically very high redeeming, particularly in the electronics sector, Dell needed full protection to offer such a high cash rebate.

The Solution

Via WPP, we received very competitive international banking rates with HSBC. And with the help of the in-house IT system which fed into HSBC and they paid the consumer in Euros. Further enabling us to manage a rather substantial cash liability and provide a completely managed solution for sending BACS payments whilst giving valuable consultancy to help Dell and their agency to create a very successful campaign.

The Outcome

Dell was fully covered to create a powerful and engaging headline which improved sales across the country.