Full promotional support available within, or outside of, a Fixed Fee.

Complete Risk Management

Reduce risk and maximise reward through a Fixed Fee Sales Promotion.

Skill Based Cover

Offer an enticing headline for a promotion or competition based on skill, either online or in person.

Sports Related Risk

Tap into excitement and maximise engagement around any sporting event imaginable. Whether it’s a kick to win or probability chance game, we can help empower your promotion whilst mitigating the risk.

Prize indemnity

Whatever the prize you offer, when it’s claimed, will cover the cost.

Handling Service

Complete handling service governed and guided by foresight and 40 years of expertise.

Digital and SMS development

Our in-house IT services allow us to develop promotional microsites, prize allocation algorithms and bespoke reporting suites for specific client requirements.

Promotional Consultancy

Our promotional mechanic experts are ready to maximise your budget and increase your bottom line.

Statistical Analysis

Experts can yield brand and promotional data to create effective decisions.

Prizing & Partner Sourcing

Complete prize and partner sourcing accompanied by our data, helps selection and delivery for a range of blue-chip clients, giving us unrivalled expertise in the area.

Security Checks & Validation

Complete checking process with internal and external checking process.

Back End Management

Mando delivers diligent live reporting services bespoke for client’s requirements. Mando’s in-house IT system assists in various ways: web services, imported, manually data captured or sales tab updating

Legal Services

We can manage all legal aspects in the development of a promotion. Our legal services will liaise with relevant authorities and create promotional terms and conditions.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives shall answer any claim calls on this line between the hours of 9.00am to 5.30pm. Monday to Friday.

Promotional Evaluation

We can help evaluate one of your promotions and advise how to make it more effective in the future.