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A price reduction offer – A note offering a specified discount/saving against a product or service, designed to stimulate product trial.

Money Back Guarantee

Allow the consumer to claim their money back from a try me free promotion, via BACS, cheque, gift cards, and coupons. A typically high redeeming cash incentive which provides great opportunity to gather invaluable data.


The consumer has the opportunity to claim a certain percentage back. For example, £50.00 back from a laptop purchase. Creating an incredibly popular, cash driven purchase incentive.


Purchase a product and receive a certain amount off your next purchase. An excellent way to encourage sales uplift.


Receive a gift with your purchase. Typically redeemable after entering a unique code, then received through the post. Creating a very shareable experience, with great opportunity to provide something carrying your brand.


Product/services are offered for free, at either a reduced volume or within a time restriction. With 8/10 more consumers likely to buy something they have already tried, it creates the perfect promotion to introduce a new product.


Give consumers instant gratification through entering a code or peeling a sticker on any promotional product. This creates a memorable experience with scope for huge prize funds.

Collector Schemes

Collect X amount of items to win. Multi-tiered schemes provide an unforgettable way to create a buzz – generating a real sharing culture and connection among consumer.

Scratch Cards

Cards with easily removable latex panels; usually contain a few games for the consumer to win. Providing a simple and exciting way to win large headlines.

Click 2 Win

A click to win is an online promotion which simply requires consumers to go online, enter the said details, and receive the chance of winning the given prize/reward, often working as instant wins. Providing an efficient, traceable and attractive way to promote your brand.

Winning Moments

Where a winner is created by the time at which they participate in the promotion, according to pre-determined winning time slots or ‘moments’.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Competitions and sweepstakes can be a success when underpinned by various other communication methods such as social media.  Prizes can either allocated upon merit or randomly drawn, and often have big headline prizes.