Fixed Fee Sales Promotion nullifies risk, amplifies reward and maximises results.

Security governs Freedom:

Running a promotion carries a financial risk – how many people will redeem the offer? Mando can fix the cost of that risk at the outset of a promotion with promotional Fixed Fee Sales Promotion or Over Redemption Fee Insurance. This means that both the agency and brand team can rest easy, knowing that there will be no further costs to bear.

With 40 years’ experience worldwide and the backing of both the largest marketing communications group in the world (WPP) and Lloyd’s, we are a guarantee, however your promotion performs we have it covered.

Data drives Results:

Our data holds integral information on over 3000 promotions, across 40 countries, in each and every promotional mechanic. The intelligence enables comparison of promotions with similar DNA, helping us predict all variable costs incurred with the promotion.

The strength of the PHD (Promotional History Database) is its ability to compare promotions, by country and assess trends, making it a historical reference tool, a live management tool, and a predictive tool. Data which provides intelligence to benefit customer insight and customer acquisition.

Risk-free Creativity:

With an abundance of data and a fixed cost from the outset, you are gifted complete freedom to run with ground-breaking headlines which blow away the risk, the consumer and the competition, giving your brand the results it’s always wished for.

With unrivalled industry experience, we can help brainstorm concepts to help you reach your promotional pinnacle, our experienced experts can work seamlessly alongside your team to create risk-free promotions which engage, and most of all, sell.