risk identification.

Everything has a level. A degree. A measure.

Risk is no exception.

If all risks were the same, they wouldn’t be risks. But this is what we do. And we thrive on it.

Our experience in understanding a client’s needs and identifying the risk implications of a promotion is unrivalled. We say a promotion begins with the objective not the technique. Once we know the ‘why’, we can focus on the ‘how’. It’s an approach that’s significantly influenced by a promotion’s direction.

Risk is good. Risk identification is vital.

The table below shows how we might evaluate sales promotions and the impact of different mechanics.

Promotional Objective Build Awareness Create Trial Create Repeat/Enhanced Purchase Build Loyalty
Sales Promotion Technique
  • Competitions
  • Instant Wins
  • Prize Events
  • Money Off coupons
  • Try me free
  • Taste Challenge
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • With Purchase Premium
  • Speciality Packages
  • With Purchase Premiums
  • Delayed Premiums
  • Self Liquidating Premiums
  • Collector Schemes
  • Instant Win
  • Collector Schemes
  • Self Liquidating Premiums
  • Speciality Packages
Implication for Redemption Low Redemption High Redemption Low Redemption High Redemption

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