Obedience and discipline – without this nothing fruitful can happen because everything disintegrates. And yet – without the magnanimity of disorder, the happy abandon, the entrepreneurship venturing into the unknown and incalculable, without the risk and the gamble, the creative imagination rushing in where bureaucratic angels fear to tread – without this, life is a mockery and a disgrace.” – Jeremy Bullmore


Some are here for order, some want to disrupt that order, Fixed Fee Sales Promotion permits both in a perfectly balanced concoction.

Whilst both intentions are absolutely essential for success, it’s often creatives that are made to relinquish their right to escape the confines of an arbitrary reality.

Fixed Fee sales promotion removes these limitations, and returns their creative freedom.

The service creates a perfectly intertwined reality based on imagination and feasibility, creating free-flowing functionality between both finance and marketing.

Time and Motion Man

Time and Motion Man meticulously analyses the current and past, to best demystify the window that peers into the future.

In the instance of sales promotion, the analysis of past promotions is crucial for measuring how future sales promotions could perform. Likewise, the risk manager can lay a path to deliver success and permit creativity, within a fixed budget.

Time and Motion Man will extrapolate all costs through the past and utilise any existing intelligence, then fix the cost, placing a cushion of security on promotion.


The Mad Inventor

The Mad Inventor can then put Time and Motion Man to one side, and use the data provided, to begin to construct their catapult, ready to expel the empowered promotion. All this, with the comfort of knowing wherever the prizes land, the cost is covered.

Utilising data, comparisons and expertise enable the promotion to flourish from unhindered creativity.

As a result, the Mad Inventor spread their promotion nationwide. Thus, filling the catapult with more prizes, and pulling the jaws of the catapult further to allow them to give more prizes to more people.

A victory for both parties, a perfect partnership of creativity, feasibility, and logic to create a powerful promotion primed to deliver results.