Giving consumers the flexibility to try new products without the worry of wasting their hard-earned funds, Try Me Free promotions are taking off within the UK.

The simple mechanism offers a full money back guarantee for those who aren’t entirely satisfied with their purchase, kicked off by the consumer submitting why they’re unhappy with the product. As with all mechanics, Try Me Free promotions still have their pro’s and con’s. Read on to understand how this mechanism can work hard for you, and whether it’s suitable for your brand and promotion.


  • These types of promotions are economically geared with your budget in mind, they often only need an amend to packaging made in order to implement them.
  • A guarantee style promotion reminds customers that you believe in your product and that they will want to buy it again. This can build trust in your customers.
  • It makes your product stand out against your competitors, there is no risk to the customer in purchasing your product, if they decide they are not a fan, they can claim a refund.
  • Customers who are normally brand loyal to a competitor could be persuaded to try your product as there is no risk to them.
  • This mechanic can provide valuable feedback to a product that is being trialled as customers have to provide a reason as to why they would like their money back.
  • Customers often forget to claim their money back unless they are extremely unhappy with the product meaning there is less risk to the brand.



  • Guidelines and timings are key to these promotions, customers shouldn’t be able to claim once the product is out of date for example. But customers that are sincerely unhappy with the product should feel that their opinions are listened to.
  • It can be tricky to evaluate redemption rates for a money back mechanic, particularly when it might be a trialled or new product. But a promotional solutions agency such as Mando with over 40 years of historical data will be able to provide you with this insight.
  • Emphasis on quality and trust over excitement are key with these types of promotions, there aren’t loud headlines to shout about, but many customers will prefer these mechanics.


Case Study

Gaea Olive Oil

Gaea Olive Oil wanted to inspire sales uplift with a simple and attractive promotional mechanic, but were unaware of what to opt for to stay within budget.

Mando suggested that the consumer purchased and mailed in promotional
neck collar from bottles or picked up a POS leaflet in the case of no neck collar,
till receipt and min 10 word negative statement.

Mando advised on the promotional mechanic and ensured a successful promotion by delivering all BACS payment and each cost of the reimbursement.


Montalto Wine

Montalto wanted to increase sales of their wine through a Money Back Guarantee promotion that was displayed via a neck collar on the bottles. Customers who were not satisfied had to enter their details alongside a copy of the till receipt
to receive a full reimbursement.

This money back guarantee was an extremely attractive offer to customers and Montalto saw a significant uplift in their sales. Mando covered this promotion under one fixed fee promotional solution ensuring that Montalto never went over budget.