There are so many rumours over fake news, it’s hard to determine what’s real and what isn’t.

We have noticed that this is starting to spill over into the promotions industry with some believing that prizes offered in competitions are fake too. We take a look at the recent fake-ness to hit the marketing industry and how we can help you make fake prizes into great prizes with brilliant promotional solutions.


Fake Shirt Sponsorship

Paddy Power hit the news recently over their shirt sponsorship deal with Huddersfield Town FC, but as with almost all of Paddy Power’s campaigns, the thought behind it was as always, a little over the top. When Huddersfield turned up for their pre-season friendly against Reading, boy did the Huddersfield town shirts turn up as well. You couldn’t miss them. The ordinary blue and white striped shirts but with a giant Paddy Power logo emblazoned in a sash format across the front of the shirt.


Clearly a marketing / PR stunt but it worked a treat – generating lots of media coverage for both club and sponsor. A few days later it was announced that it was indeed a ploy and in fact the new shirt would be completely clean with absolutely no sponsorship on it – launching the “Save our Shirt” campaign.

However, everything seems to be focused on the “fake” things now. Fake news, fake shirts, fake sponsorship offers, and unfortunately as many customers believe fake prizes when it comes to entering promotions.


Fake Promotions and Fake Prizes?

Customers believe that these prizes just aren’t there to be won so what’s the point in entering? But it’s all down to the number of customers entering the promotion. If more customers entered, then more prizes would be won, it all boils down to the probability of someone winning a prize being higher.

A great example of when this works well is McDonald’s Monopoly. The amount of people entering the promotion is huge – every year when it launches it hits headlines for the prizes, the rare game pieces and people talk about it on social media wanting to trade game pieces is just mad. But you always hear of people actually winning the prizes. It is incredibly rare that people are not happy with their McDonald’s Monopoly experience. Brands want the customers to enter, they want the prizes to be won. The chance to interact with customers, build up brand awareness and goodwill.


Mando can create a promotional solution for you ensuring you can offer the maximum number of prizes to your customers, in turn encouraging them to enter. With over 40 years of historical data entwined with creativity we can help you discover the perfect promotion solution for your brand. Chat to one of our friendly team today on 01296 717900 or drop us an email at