It’s safe to say that after 40 years of running promotions and analysing our data that we know a thing or two about what promotions appeal to who. We know that some shoppers are more likely to redeem coupons, and others are more likely to enter a click to win with certain prizes up for grabs.

From our work on our second loyalty whitepaper in association with YouGovWhat the British want from Loyalty Programmes 2.0” we are able to make bolder statements on what shoppers like and want.

Promotional Audience

Gen Z want it now

For example, we know from our research that Gen Z (the youngest generation, born from 2000 onwards) are more likely to sign up to a loyalty programme to receive a better service such as 24/7 support or next day delivery. Gen Z want things instantly which suggests that this generation are more likely to take part in online instant win promotions where they will find out immediately whether they have won or not. Promotions where shoppers must wait until the end of the promotional term will be less appealing. The same can be said for a cashback approach whereby the shopper needs to wait a specified amount of time before claiming their cashback. The chances are the Gen Z will have moved on to the next thing and be less likely to redeem this promotion.

Baby Boomers look for discounts

Our whitepaper found that 70% of Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) are likely to sign up to a loyalty programme to receive discounts, whereas there are significantly less of these for Gen Z at just 45%. Therefore, we can infer that this generation are more likely to use a money off coupon and products that appeal to them are expected to achieve a higher engagement rate helping you hit those all-important KPIs. We have worked on an abundance of Money Off Next Purchase coupons for our clients previously, talk to us today on how we can help you with yours.

These are just a couple of the insights that we have; and these can play a big part in choosing which type of promotion to run – all of our mechanics are listed here. We can help advise on what type of audience you’d like to target, what their likes and dislikes are, what sort of rewards they would like to win and many others.