Coca-Cola Selfie Stick

Click To Win


There is an estimated 93,000,000 selfies being taken every day. Coca-Cola wanted to engage with this generation of selfie addicts and encourage sales.

As part of the Choose Happiness campaign, Coca-Cola wanted to help people ‘smile for the camera’. They wanted to offer them the chance to win a branded selfie stick and approached Mando to help prepare the promotion.

Mando recognised the prize on offer was highly relevant to the audience. Due to this the chance of redemptions was vast, and encouraged Coca-Cola to seek maximum protection. Additionally, Mando helped set up the algorithm for the URN. This provided crucial promotional response data helping evaluate customer habits within this ambitious campaign.

Thousands of winning selfie sticks were dispatched and smiles were unleashed across the nation. Now that’s what we call a happy ending!

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