80th Birthday Celebrations Scratchcards


E.Leclerc wanted to celebrate their 80th birthday with gusto. However they recognised that simply showcasing lavish activity was not relevant within the struggling French economy. They also wanted to consolidate their position in the supermarket rankings by rewarding loyal customers.

Mando leveraged their local knowledge and data bank to create a scratchcard promotion. Customers spending at least €25 during the promotional period were gifted with a scratchcard.

The scratchcard promotion gave customers the opportunity to win either an E.Leclerc branded cash card with reward of €500, €250, €100 (e-gift card) or a €5 money off next purchase coupon. The instant results of a scratchcard had the advantage of exciting customers about offers before they walked away. This scratchcard promotion enabled E.Leclerc to expand their company’s reach and generating sales.

Scratchcard printing is highly specialised and requires a certain amount of planning and expertise. For example,ensuring that the ink density is correct so that it doesn’t show through the scratch panels. The scratch panels must be positioned correctly and the winning ratio to non-winning cards shared out carefully.

Mando covered all the risk and fulfilment of rewards. Mando also took care of the highly specialist scratchcard printing & dispatch, to deliver a highly successful promotion.

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