To ensure the success of a sales promotion, we frequently call upon our 8 promotional Ps:

Pro-active – planning is almost essential to everything in life, for sales promotions, it’s imperative. Always ensure you look at all scenarios, take your precautions, and acknowledge all possibilities, in order to fulfil all your promotion promises.

Purposeful – anything worthwhile, has to be meaningful. Don’t forget when using a sales promotion it’s often used to benefit your brand’s exposure, which in the end game, aims to yield more sales. So, is the promotion compliant with your aims and objectives, is it agreeable to your budgets?

Plain & Simple – an overly complicated prize promotion becomes difficult and unengaging. Route of entry is critical to customers engaging with your brand. Explain how to get involved, keep it easy, and always remember to ensure synergy between your desirable prizes and products.

Personal- people like to feel special, personalisation works. In two ways, personalising reward is proven more effective, and secondly, targeted data and micro-targeting also leads to more successful, relevant campaigns giving greater ROI.  

Plentiful- more rewards, more chance of winning, more engagement. It is important to appear realistic; otherwise, it may deter engagement, and singular prize funds manufacturer scepticism. Remember, just because you are extending your headline to thousands of rewards, you do not have to sacrifice value. Value can be attained by doing your homework, what do your customers really want from a prize promotion?

Pragmatism– dealing with things in a logical and sensible way create a higher chance of success. You should consult your data to ensure the promotion is targeted at the right market, after religious inspection of data; you can then form a route of entry, which adheres to that segment.

Protected – having a great offer is all good and well, however, if your brand cannot afford the costs beyond a realistic number of redemptions, you should ensure you are covered.

For help when you may need cover, please see:

Questions to ask yourself and your Promotional Risk Specialist