With the close of 2018 drawing ever nearer, Mando looks at the retail landscape and the trends for 2019.


  1. Data is the way forward

Data is fast becoming the building block to growth. Brands and retailers are fast learning the value in the data they collect and have access to. It is a vital tool allowing brands and retailers to understand customer behaviour, achieve higher reach and engagement with their promotions, and reward loyalty.


  1. In-store shopping experiences

Shoppers love a seamless shopping experience, whether they are popping out for a pint of milk or buying a more luxury item such as a car. 85% of shoppers want more in-store technologies according to IGD, paving the way for more opportunities in experiential and promotions. However, despite the increase in digitisation and a more seamless omnichannel experience, the majority (77%) of Generation Z would prefer to make a purchase in-store (Forbes).

  1. Personalisation

Personalisation is on the rise with more brands using it throughout the year for promotions and holidays such as Mother’s and Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas. It is also a way of consistently building meaningful relationships with customers. 96% of marketers believe that personalisation enhances a customer relationship (Social Media Today). Worldwide Business surveyed 100 top executives at major German retailers and 100% said they are looking to invest in personalisation solutions over the next twelve months (Ecommerce News Europe).

  1. Healthy takes control

85% of shoppers are actively trying to improve their diets, with people choosing to be vegetarian, vegan, and flexitarian as well as those that are or choose to be gluten free, dairy free etc. However, sometimes this isn’t always easy or convenient. Healthier food demand has never been higher with 72% of UK shoppers buying healthy food regularly (those with less salt, sugar, fat or calories (Talking Retail)). Italy has become the leading European country for eating gluten-free and Germany are leading the way in purchasing plant food supplements (Statista) showing that the healthy trend is spreading rapidly across Europe.


  1. Influencer marketing

This is continuing to rise, not just on the traditional platform of Instagram; podcasts are becoming more widely used and the streaming platform Twitch is being utilised by gaming influencers to extend their reach (InfluencerDB). People are trusting adverts less, instead choosing to trust influencers that they follow via social media such as YouTubers or Instagram stars (European Media Partners).

  1. Authenticity Wins

86% of consumers think that authenticity is important when deciding which brands to support and this number rises with millennials. Influencers and celebrities at this year’s Festival of Marketing consistently said they must feel an authentic connection with the brand or product that they are promoting otherwise it doesn’t work e.g. Emma Willis’ home line with Dunelm or Jess Wright promoting being an Olay Ambassador via her Instagram.

  1. Become Sustainable

74% of UK shoppers have become more aware of the environmental impact of plastic packaging, largely thanks to David Attenborough’s, Planet Earth ll. Brands and retailers are frantically becoming more ecologically minded with biodegradable wrapping and plastic free aisles in the next year almost a certainty. The Netherlands are one step ahead and already have a plastic free aisle in one of their supermarkets. Coca-Cola European Partners has signed a multi-year agreement to purchase 100% recycled PET plastic from Loop Industries to increase the use of recycled materials in its bottles accelerating their planned use of recycled materials (Talking Retail).

  1. Voice Search

1 in 3 of the 3.5 billion searches performed on Google everyday are voice searches (Voluum). 10% of UK households own a voice activated device, and this is expected to rise to 48% in the next 2 years. 53% of Spanish smartphone owners and 43% of Germans use this function at least once a month, compared to 37% of Brits (Digiday). Brands are also starting to utilise voice search in their marketing through Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home’s “Send me a sample” functionality.

These are just eight trends as we look ahead to the end of this year and into the next. The future of marketing is ever changing with brands and retailers needing to be fluid and adaptable to ensure they are serving customers in the best possible way.

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