Leicester City were 5000-1 to win the Premier League at the beginning of the 2015 / 16 football season. These far reaching odds were equal to:

  • Elvis Presley being found alive
  • Christmas Day being the warmest day of the year in England
  • The EU Referendum to result in a dead heat

These odds give an idea of just how unexpected it was for Leicester to win the title. The above all seem pretty much impossible, but somehow Leicester defied the odds. Leicester City winning the Premier League cost the betting companies a record pay-out of £25 million, the biggest loss in British history on a single sporting market, meaning that the bookmakers will never repeat that mistake again.

Equally the winner of Tuesday night’s Great British Bake Off was unexpected for some. Before last night’s final Coral the bookmakers had put Ruby at the forefront with odds of 6-4, Kim-Joy a close second at 7-4 and Rahul in third at 2-1.

*spoiler alert if you haven’t watched it yet*


Rahul was the one that clinched the coveted cake stand trophy this year ahead of his two fellow female finalists. It was even more unexpected as fans were shocked the previous week in the semi-final when they felt he should have gone home ahead of Briony.

Another unexpected occurrence that has happened this year was orange snow falling in Europe. A sandstorm from the Sahara desert caused snow falling in the Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania to turn orange in March, making snow drifts look like sand dunes. Proving that you really should expect the unexpected.

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