Ferrero Duplo Chocnut

Try Me Free


Ferrero wanted to offer their customers in Germany the chance to try their product (a pack of Duplo Chocnut Classic or Duplo Chocnut Dark) for free whether they liked or disliked it.

To claim, customers had to go online and enter the on pack promotion code, their personal data, bank data and the purchase price of the product. If the purchase price that is higher than €1.99, the receipt must be uploaded as proof.

A Try Me Free promotion is a simple mechanic but can be high redeeming and can cause a brand a headache if it proves to be very popular. These promotions are an excellent way to entice trial and get products off the shelves.

With Mando covering the entire promotion under one fixed fee, Ferrero could sit back and relax knowing that their campaign was posing zero risk to their budget.