Fixed Fee Sales Promotions

Eliminate Risk Across The UK & Europe

Protect Your Marketing Budget With Promotional Risk Management


Once the specifics of your sales promotion are agreed, we can ensure that you lock in the cost through our promotional risk management techniques.

With our promotional risk management services, Mando takes the risk on all aspects of your programme so your costs will never spiral out of control. Alternatively, we can protect your budget through promotional insurance, such as Over Redemption or Prize Indemnity insurance. This allows you to utilise a variety of suppliers or bring services in house, whilst locking in a maximum prize budget.

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What Are Fixed Fee Sales Promotions?


Fixed fee is the ability to mitigate promotional risk by taking all costs associated with a promotion and wrapping this into one fixed fee. A fee that protects you from over-redemption.

We use our experienced team’s knowledge, together with data from previous promotions, to estimate the likely redemption rates of your promotion. We then set a fee that won’t waver. It ensures you know exactly what you are paying for and not a penny more.

Brands That Have Benefited From Our Promotional Expertise Include:

Why Is Promotional Risk Management So Effective?

Having one cost for the entire promotion allows you to allocate the rest of your marketing budget elsewhere. It alleviates the stress as you won’t have to keep budget back in case of overly-high redemption rates.

You’ll enjoy a single point of contact throughout the whole process. With only one partner managing the process on your behalf you can concentrate on other things, rather than worrying about logistics.