As we venture out of our lockdown burrows, back to The Open Arms pub, back to the commute to the (perhaps somewhat irrelevant) office and back to visiting family, we have to ask ourselves whether such a sudden shock to the system will create a longer term behaviour change? Or do old habits die hard and gradually over time, the path of least resistance emerges once more.

Here at Mando, we’ve had the benefit of working in the Sales Promotion industry for over 40 years and have witnessed major shifts in brand & consumer behaviour during this time. Behaviour changes such as the evolving way to participate in promotions like the humble token mail-in to claim a reward compared to the always-on reward platforms accessed instantly through our mobile phones.

Its here that we look to forecast response, calculate cost and fix the risk

Common questions we normally know the answers to off-by-heart are now coming back into focus as consumer behaviour changes because of Covid-19:

  • How strong is this artwork to a post-lockdown consumer?
  • Are the colours used likely to draw attention?
  • Is the reward in keeping with the brands message and what consumers want right now?
  • How big is the surface area of the pack to communicate this offer and is it likely to deliver the message to consumers who are spending more time at home?
  • Is the reward worth entering for in this current climate?
  • Are the odds of winning, worth the effort trade-off to enter?

Questions like this are posed daily at Mando, it’s how we are able to build a picture of the way your consumers will behave towards your offer.  Therefore, now is a good time to bring into focus the ways that we can manage consumer redemption volatility, which in turn allows us to work towards a budget you have in mind:

Whatever the outcome over the next 12-18 months, we can assume with a high degree of confidence that our behavioural patterns have been brought into question and the opportunity for real change is upon us, whether we decide to stick with it or not is to be confirmed…

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