It may only be September, but now is the time when marketers are buried under 6ft of tinsel, glitter, baubles and anything else that is the essence of Christmas.

Christmas spend as per the previous year’s saw an increase in 2017, but perhaps not as much as previously, but Christmas sales still achieved a record £78 billion across the Christmas period, up 1.4% from 2016 as found by the Centre for Retail Research. This was helped by the early shopping boosts of sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are now predominantly online focussed instead of bricks and mortar. The UK spent over £3 billion alone in the four days of Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

There are certain brands that customers always look for that signify the start of the Christmas period e.g. Coca-Cola, John Lewis etc. but how do you get yours up there?


Be online

Especially mobile. The Centre for Retail Research found that mobile shopping accounted for just under 50% of all online sales last year, up from 42% the previous year, and online sales accounted for £25 billion alone in over the Christmas period. Brands need to have a strong online presence as found by DreamGrow, 95% of 18-34 year olds are likely to follow a brand via social media, and with 336 million active monthly Twitter accounts brands need to do something memorable to get their online presence followed and noticed. Mando have run countless of online promotions across multiple countries over the years, click her to find out more about Click to Win promotions or our Instant Win promotions and how we helped other brands benefit from this.


Make it Emotional and Memorable

Who can forget the adorable Monty the Penguin from the 2014 John Lewis Christmas advert or the wonderful nostalgia of the sound of “Holidays are Coming” and the sight of the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck, which has now been on our TVs since 1995. The Coca-Cola Christmas truck is now iconic across the globe, with the advert having been shown in over 100 countries since it began, and in 2013, more than 57 million people tweeted the hashtag #HolidaysAreComing. You want a campaign that will evoke the feeling of Christmas cheer, feeling cosy and being with loved ones. Click here to see our previous Christmas campaigns.

Make it rewarding and personalised

Who doesn’t love a product with their name on? As a child I remember frantically looking for my name on a fridge magnet or keyring and always being disappointed when yet again it has “Laura” but no “Lauren”. The opportunity to win a prize with your name on it is always enticing. Coca-Cola ran their “Share a Coke” campaign for the first time in the UK in 2013 where customers could buy Coke bottles with their names on it, the results were astounding and so far there has been over 150 million bottles sold to date. Although the Share a Coke campaign was originally launched for the summer, it was brought back for Christmas, so that you could Share a Coke with Santa or Rudolph. Last year’s Argos Christmas advert gave parents the chance to submit their child’s picture to then appear on the TV advert showing the elves going above and beyond to deliver a forgotten present. Personalised campaigns are great for learning about your audience and combining this with online reach through personalised targeted adverts and personalisation can increase engagement by up to 700% compared to a non-personalised base rate. Check out an example of one of our personalised campaigns here.

Overall, Christmas is time when brands are constantly fighting to be heard above everything else and all other distractions, shoppers are overwhelmed during the festive season, and the key to getting through to them is to keep it simple. Don’t get left behind, and make the most of the Christmas period, start planning your Christmas promotions now and click here to see how we can help you offer more than you might think.