News in this week the UK Government is considering banning certain types of promotions on junk food. The Government is looking for ways to tackle obesity by putting restrictions in place on what looks to be mainly the confectionery sector.

What the restrictions are exactly, remains to be seen but there are indications that price promotions are being contemplated. Any promotions that encourage multiple purchase will not be allowed as part of this new ruling. Products may also be banned from being placed on gondola ends and at till points where shoppers often impulse buy.

This will undoubtedly hit those brands hard, but Mando can help your brand stand out at shelf with our promotional solution. We have a variety of ways through a range of mechanics to appeal to shoppers without needing to encourage multiple purchase or reduce the price your product is sold at.

On Pack Promotions

On Pack promotions are a key way to stand out on shelves, with eye-catching headline prizes, and ensure shoppers add your product in their basket. A click to win or instant win mechanic will enable a brand to provide large main prize or fund alongside multiple tiers of smaller rewards, all for one fixed fee.

The on pack messaging will direct the consumer to your bespoke branded landing page where they can enter for the chance to win one of the amazing prizes on offer.

Partnership Opportunities

Smart partnerships are a brilliant way to engage shoppers. Our whitepaper “What the British want from Loyalty Programmes” found that partner rewards are more appealing than a brand’s own. Our partnership method is exclusively powered by a wealth of data. We use our tried and tested methodology and unique Partnership Engine™ to create and deliver partnerships and rewards which are robust, evocative and, most of all, effective. We make partnerships simple and make sure they are right for you and your brand.


These types of promotions will enable shoppers to choose your brand over another without the need for multiple purchases or a discount promotion; yet will still create that important sales uplift. Our account managers are on hand to help you every step of the way and will keep your ROI and KPIs at the forefront of their minds when advising you.

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