After the Christmas break and with us heading into the bleak mid-winter, I was quite excited to see three brands launching instant win promotions.


This is truly is my favourite mechanic as a consumer.  I can’t deny it, I still believe I will be the lucky winner every time I open a pack, and even after near on 10 years’ in the industry these are the types of campaigns that still drive me to purchase. Through delivering thousands of campaigns throughout Europe it’s enabled to really learn what works and brands can drive redemption, increase engagement and ultimately sell more.

Muller have launched their enticing singing pot campaign.  Peel back the lid and if it sings you win 1 of 20 £1,000 prizes. This is great – but I believe a tiered structure of secondary prizes might have been a nice addition in order to reward more consumers with a lower tier reward – after all those consumer who were driven to purchase, but didn’t win, are left with no tapping of their feet and completely empty handed. We often encourage brands to reward as many consumers as possible – the more winners the more buzz and positive PR –  and a tiered reward structure is a great way to achieve this.

So how can brands reward the many, and not the few. Mug Shot have achieved this with their cash in packs promotion where consumers can win a share of £50,000 instantly. This reminds me of the Walkers promotion and winning a crisp – no pun intended – £5 note in the school playground (yes it was that long ago!).  Find a winning pack of Mug Shots and the cash is instantly yours – no hoops to jump through to claim. Lovely.

The last instant win campaign I’ve seen this month is by Nestle where KitKat have hit the nail on the head in terms of the reward, offering lucky winners the chance to win a break to one of ten warm, exotic destinations such as Barbados, Cuba, Miami and Thailand. Who doesn’t dream of a sunny getaway to escape the January blues?! Winning KitKats in this ‘Win a break’ campaign can be identified by white chocolate lettering on the KitKat bar in packs.  Sweet & Simple with great social engagement possibilities.

Bravo Muller, Mug Shot and Nestle and all those involved in making these campaigns happen. Instant wins continue to be the perfect way to captivate and excite consumers. Long live the Instant Win promotion! Mando are specialists at planning, implementing and managing sales promotions. We can advise you every step of the way to ensure your consumer gets as excited about your promotion as we do. If you are planning a campaign and you would like to discuss with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the form below.