We are extremely proud and excited to announce that we have recently been shortlisted for Best Prepaid Card Solution at the Payments Awards, which recognise card and payments excellence and innovation. 

In a continuing effort to develop innovative rewards, over the past year we have developed the Mando Prepaid Solution to offer a payment alternative that gives maximum usage for employees, corporate clients and consumers, via a digital and physical prepaid provision, with in-store and online usage options.

Time for change

When rewarding consumers or employees with a BACS payment, cheque or even voucher, it lacked a real brand experience.  Prepaid addresses these issues by developing a real relationship with the user. Prepaid cards can be made with bespoke designs to reflect the campaign and deliver maximum exposure for brands making it the perfect reward mechanism.

The revolutionary solution remains in wallets 24/7, distributed efficiently and provides the lucky recipient with ultimate choice of how to spend their reward. With a branded prepaid card our client’s promotions have universal and lasting appeal.


Our unique approach

Our methodology is simple; we start with understanding your customer and then work back to your brand, ensuring we create the right solution for your audience.

Utilising 40 years of past promotional data, YouGov insight and WPP resources, our experienced team work with brands to help them unlock insights that matter; helping us deliver reward strategies based on sound analysis and thinking.


Here are two campaigns which displayed innovation and excellence for our clients:


McDonald’s WIIIIN

Mando’s prepaid card was the perfect reward medium for the McDonald’s WIIIIN Campaign. It provided a fully branded physical prepaid card and online cardholder account.

The innovative reward proposition created visibility and therefore promotional believability, whilst also encouraging repeat purchase.

Throughout the campaign, we were able to easily monitor card transactions providing real-time insight to customer behaviour allowing McDonald’s to understand their audience to a greater depth, providing critical information for future strategy. It also clearly demonstrated how loyalty was achieved through the promotion. Something that is un-trackable when using other reward payment mechanics such as vouchers, BACS payments or cheques.

The allpay Approach – Production & Personalisation

allpay worked closely with Mando to produce and deliver the McDonalds “WIIIIN” Card, manufacturing and personalising a near 15,000 cards in the process. On ad-hoc requests, allpay receives a personalisation file which is validated by allpay’s internal EMV Team, before personalising cards in allpay’s secure bureau onsite at its headquarters in the West Midlands.

“Working with allpay has been fundamental for allowing Mando to deliver a number of innovative campaigns. We have been able to accommodate all the client’s print and fulfilment needs to the letter. allpay’s agility coupled with Mando’s experience in the promotional markets is proving to be a winning combination”


To discover more Mando prepaid campaigns please click here:


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