Collector Scheme


Barilla’s is a biscuit brand made by Ringo in Italy. In a highly contested promotional space, Ringo wanted to advance their position throughout Italy as one of the nation’s favourite treats. Ringo wanted to engage with a younger audience which meant children and their parents too.

Using 40 years of promotional response data, Mando advised on the route to entry method, promotional mechanic development and redemption rates. Mando created a collectable offer encouraging consumers to purchase 5 packets of Ringo biscuits within a 3 month period, thereby encouraging repeat purchase and creating behavioural change.

In collecting the 5 packets consumers were directed to a dedicated website or mobile number to enter their on pack codes to receive a multifunctional Ringo Watch. The data bank was able to verify all codes instantly advising the consumers if their entries were valid as point of entry.

Mando knew that offering such a desirable reward could also mean high redemptions and therefore high costs so offered a full risk-free fixed fee service taking on full financial responsibility for reward costs up to €5,000,000.

The campaign brought children together across Italy, helping create not just a promotion but an experience helping surpass the expectations of both brand and consumer, all within specified budget and timescales, whilst exceeding demanding commercial targets.