Sales promotions are the perfect way to revitalise consumer interest in a new or existing product either in one or multiple markets.


The right European sales promotion holds the power to retain a current customer, increase product usage, entice trial and neutralise the competition’s efforts.

However, running a sales promotion in multiple territories can be tricky to implement and manage. Here are our favourite mechanics for cross border promotions

1) Money Rewards

Money rewards are always well received by consumers and are often a driver for purchase.  Currencies may fluctuate between territories but the sentiment towards money is the same in each territory, it shows real value and is relevant to every consumer.

Cashback campaigns can be tailored to any budget – the higher the cashback value the more tempting it is to redeem. Redemption routes can be personalised, accommodating all consumer preferences, and the reward can be exchanged into any currency. The adaptability of a cash reward campaign, and the low cost to deploy the message make for a really appealing campaign to run on-products. See how we ran an exciting Cashback campaign for Dell here.

Money Back Guarantee promotions are another great cash reward mechanic to run across multiple territories and convey confidence in your product.  They always add an element of difference over your competition – with your product, the consumer has no risk when purchasing, as they can claim their money back if they aren’t happy. It is an ideal mechanic when trialling products, as consumers can provide valuable feedback through the claim process. Take a look at our award winning multi-territory Asics Money Back Guarantee here.

2) Online Win
C2W – Instant Win

Online promotions are key to engage a younger audience and spread buzz surrounding a campaign through social sharing. These promotions can be ‘gamified’ creating even more excitement and anticipation surrounding the entry method – a simple code entry can be turned into a virtual scratch card or a lucky roll of the dice. The possibilities are endless, and the message can be adapted to suit any brand message.

They can be easily implemented to set up via a microsite and managed efficiently to run across different countries. This mechanic can gather consumer data and opinions on your products. Click to Win and Instant Win campaigns are simple for the consumer ensuring a seamless promotion. Read how we helped Coca-Cola with their amazing Selfie Stick campaign.

3) Gift Rewards
GWP – Collector

Rewarding consumers who purchase a product is a perfect way to build loyalty and brand love, which in turn should increase retention and repeat purchase. Gift with purchase promotions can be an immediate reward for your customers and if the item is collectable, encourages repeat purchases and positive word of mouth. Items can be designed and branded making the products distinct and unique.

Collector schemes are able to offer a great variety of rewards through multi-tier gifts encouraging consumers to increase their normal purchasing habits. This mechanic presents a real opportunity to develop brand loyalty and reward existing customers. See how we helped Nutella with their Gift with Purchase campaign in Italy.

Finding the right mechanic to run across multiple countries can be tricky, however its possible to tailor campaigns to suit multiple territories.  If you are planning a sales promotion campaign across Europe get in touch with us today and see how we can help.