In 2018, eMarketer estimates that online sales will reach over £93 billion in the UK and will top 20% of the total retail sales for the first time, and one of the key ways people are making a purchase decision is through social media.


European online sales grew by 11% in 2017 to €534 billion according to Internet Retailing, and the reports indicate that they are continuing to grow at an alarming rate and will top €600 billion in 2018. According to DigitasLBi’s Connected Commerce study, 52% of users admit that Facebook impacts the way they shop, up from 36% in 2014; comparing this to 46% for Pinterest, 43% for Instagram and 36% for Twitter. Shopping online has meant that consumers are happy to purchase from around the world, and one of the top seven traits, as noted by SAS, states that UK customers are on-board with the Global Experience and they are happy to purchase from desktop and mobile at any time of day or night.

Customers are reaching out to global brands, and now more than ever is the time to offer eye-catching large scale promotions to engage with as many customers as possible. However, running promotions cost money, but what if we told you that you could offer so much more than you were planning to without needing to add to the budget. Sounds good, right? That’s where Mando comes in. For one fixed fee, we can take away the headache of worrying about over redemption and provide one single point of contact.


With promotions rife across all sectors, and the most common promotional tools in the UK encompassing Click 2 Win, Winning Moments and Money Back Guarantees, these all have an extremely high chance of over redemption. By fixed fee-ing the promotion, it mitigates the risk by taking all costs associated with a promotion and wrapping this into one fee that protects you from excessively high redemption rates. Alongside fixed fee-ing, it further enhances the offering by allowing you to offer more prizes, and shout louder about your headline, this, in turn, will engage more customers with the promotion. You can amplify the promotion into something amazing without increasing your budget, knowing with complete peace of mind, you are saving money and your expenditure will never increase.

Mando has previous success with this, for example; “Coca-Cola Selfie Stick” campaign. With the popularity of “the selfie” and an estimated 93 million taken every day, this was going to be an extremely popular campaign but, Mando calculated the risk involved, using our historical data and knowledge of the market, and with Coca-Cola fixing the fee, they were able to maximise the headline to offer “Win 1 of up to One Million Selfie Sticks” allowing them to engage with as many customers as possible.

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