Collector Scheme


Sinziger is a mineral water bottled at source in Germany. During the run up to Christmas, as notoriously busy time, Sinziger wanted to establish themselves across Germany as the number one choice for mineral water.

With over 40 years of promotional response data, Mando were able to advise on which route of entry and promotional mechanic would be most favourable along with being able to advise on what the expected redemption rates would be. Mando recommended a collector scheme across a two month period in the run up to Christmas which would help to reinforce repeat purchase.

Consumers who purchased either 6, 8, or 10 creates of Sinziger mineral water visited a dedicated website to enter their proof of purchase to claim either a small, medium or large Christmas Tree.

Mando knew that such a reward in the reward up to Christmas was an incredibly desirable prize and therefore offered a full risk–free fixed fee service. The campaign proved incredibly popular and far exceeded the expectations of Sinziger.