The term promotion derives from the Old French, promocion meaning to “move forward”, “push onward” or to “advance in rank or position”. 

When promotional marketing is done right, it can ensure all three are realised.  I think one undervalued secret to success is listening to what your consumers want.

How can listening to consumers ensure that brands advance in rank? 

The bigger question here, is what happens when brands don’t listen to consumers. Millions can be spent on re-branding, or recipe revamps, only for the result to flop. Take the Gap logo revamp from 2010.  The revamped logo lasted a record breaking six days. The backlash to the redesign was so severe that the company reversed its decision within a matter of days. As we know in the marketing world, this is almost unheard of. Consumers didn’t want to see change! This highlights the importance of good research and listening to the results.

The Principle of Listening

This principle of listening applies for promotions too. If, as a brand you are looking to reward or incentivise your consumers, it’s important to know what their interests are, to ascertain what reward they might want as a thank you for interacting with and purchasing your brand. The saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure springs to mind – as a brand you don’t want to offer your consumers anything but treasure.

But how can you ensure you offer the right treasure? 

As a company we spend a lot of time looking into consumer trends and interests looking into both future predictions and past trends. We know every brand has a different set of consumers, and we believe it’s imperative to view each individually as a one size fits all approach won’t offer the treasure your consumers deserve.

We know what data to utilise and interrogate to create a killer campaign to offer the treasure your consumers deserve. If you’d like to differentiate the trash form the treasure, and move forward, push onward or advance in rank, get in touch via email ( or call us on 01296 717900. We’d love to catch up and discuss how we could help you.