I’m so pleased to see Boris wants to launch a national crackdown on Obesity, with his “Better Health” campaign. Let’s hope the creativity is ‘better’ than the political advertising ban before the watershed on foods high in salt, sugar and fat and end of the BOGOF.

Big statement and seen as a quick win for the Government but not really going to be helpful. This is not a slap in the face for the advertising industry as no brand, strategist or creative ever suggested a Buy One Get One Free [BOGOF], we are better than that. It has always been the retailers that have pushed these to consumers for years to shift more products and be seen to add value to the consumers. Those consumers are scanning the shelves for the cheapest offers. But lots of us are not going into stores now and being tempted with those end of aisle offers. We are sat at our computers, planning our meals and thinking more about our health than ever before. Now is the time for the advertising industry to excel and do what we do best – be creative.

As I see it the Government has two big issues – public health and getting the economy back up alongside supporting SMEs. Why can’t the Government use the Covid-19 local tracker app to promote SMEs [such as gyms and cycle shops] for free that will help you improve your fitness?

The advertising industry is full of highly intelligent creative people who I am sure can turn this rising obesity problem around. Even if we have to use fear – the biggest contributing factor to death from Covid-19 was obesity. The Government need to promote, not ban – be fun and relevant to change people’s minds. Promote Joe Wicks for PM. Who didn’t love Joe, especially in his fancy dress costumes getting mums and sons exercising together??

As someone who takes an active interest in food, I really believe this is about education and using advertising to promote a change in lifestyle/fitness. I also get very infuriated when people say they can’t afford to be healthy. What is cheaper, water from the tap or a fizzy drink, a bag of crisps or an apple? I could go on, but it is boring and I have proved my point. We all need to take responsibility for our own actions, encourage our children to be active and learn more about nutrition.

Rant over, well for this week.

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