2018/2019 has proved a turbulent time for brands and retailers.

But promotions are still being run to entice customers to buy products to encourage sales uplift. So, what promotional mechanics are seeing being used the most over 2018/2019?


5) Cashback promotions

Still an incredibly popular type of promotional mechanic, as cash will forever appeal to everyone. Cashbacks are an effective sales tool for brands as they are so attractive to customers and can help secure that all important. Mando help cover the fulfilment, logistics and risk on cashback promotions. To see how we helped Dell implement an exceptionally effective cashback campaign – please click here.

4) Try Me Free promotions

This mechanic is proving an exceptional way to entice trial and get your products off the shelves. A try me free sales promotion gifts the consumer with a complete refund. Typically, this route of entry requires applicants to send their till receipts showing purchase of the right number of packs, then submit further details to give feedback about the purchase. Please click here to see a try me free in action.

On Pack Promotions

3) Instant Win / C2W

Instant Wins and Click to Wins are still one of the most popular way for brands to stand out on the shelves and are highly engaging. Instant wins create huge excitement and anticipation and as the name suggests consumers can find out instantly whether they have won. Click to Wins are exclusively digital version of this and simply requires consumers to go online, enter the details, and receive the chance of winning the given prize/reward, often working as an instant win. Providing an efficient, traceable and attractive way to promote your brand’s offer.

See our work with Coca-Cola here.

2) Gift with Purchase

Here the consumer is incentivised to purchase either one or multiple packs and enter a URN online or mail in a token that has been cut out. The reward is then able to be claimed. Occasionally the gift is at the point of purchase requiring no further action from the customer to receive the gift. This is an extremely popular mechanic, especially in Europe. See how we have helped Nutella with their promotions here.

1) Coupons

We have seen a number of brands rewarding customers in-store via coupons. This consists of MONP coupons, free product coupons and general discounts, which are all engaging mechanics when trying to build relationships and rally interest in-store. Keeping coupons easy and accessible to collect and redeem, means consumers are much more likely to use them much more frequently to save themselves extra cash and participate.

For a great example of an in-store coupon promotion, please click here.

To discover more ways to promote your offerings please see our promotional mechanics page.