What’s a ‘Try Me Free’ Promotion?

A try me free sales promotion is a full money back guarantee. In order to receive money back, the consumer needs to follow the offer, participate and receive their money back.

Typical examples of try me free promotions (often featured on-pack)

How is it communicated?

 Example Scenario:

  • A healthy yogurt brand offers consumers their money back (on two packs) if they write in and say they don’t feel healthier after trialling the product for 14 days
  • Route of entry- applicants must send their till receipts showing purchase of the right number of packs, then submit further details to receive money back via BACS or cheque


What are the variable costs?

  • Verification costs include checking the till receipts, consumers’ statements and capturing the total cost of the purchase (could differ from store to store)
  • Data capture costs- storing and receiving all the data and addresses (once you’ve asked permission)
  • Redemptions costs- the cost of each valid participant/cost of refund and all the above variable costs

Why do brands and consumer love this type of promotion?

Why I love it as a consumer…

  • It carries no financial risk to me
  • It entices me to look into the product further
  • The promotion is nice and simple

Why I love it as a brand…

  • Proven to improve sales uplift
  • Provides opportunity to promote and communicate
  • Excellent for new product trial
  • It makes the product stand out
  • Not as risky as other promotional mechanics
  • It’s an invaluable source of feedback from consumer
  • Superb for data capture
  • Gets the people talking: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4185707


A few more examples:


Why is fixed fee sales promotion useful with this mechanic?

  • Promotional risk management and Fixed Fee sales promotion helps brands by inspecting try me free promotions from similar products whilst looking thoroughly at the consumer profile to arrive at a realistic estimate of performance.
  • Mando, then take all the financial risk by paying for the cost of each and every redemption up to the agreed percentage


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