With Pet Food brand Forthglade and Mando’s collaboration ‘Win a VW Camper Van’ Promotion hitting shelves at the beginning of March this year, we thought we would take a look at the Pet Food market and establish how things were looking for this industry in recent COVID-19 times.

We have been told that pet food companies are seeing sudden and significant growth in their sales since March 2020 with the Pet Food category growing as much as 58.2% in the week March 22nd according to Statista, as consumers do their best to stock up on food and other essential products for their pets in these uncertain times.

We understand the benefits of pet ownership for our health and wellbeing in normal times, however even more so proving to be our true heroes in times of need bringing a real source of happiness to our new way of life and dog owners are keeping their daily exercise up.

With that being said, pet owners are showing their determination more than ever when it comes to stocking up on their animals’ favourite food products. Patrick Horton, Director at Forthglade stated that many customers are “switching to online purchases and pet shops who deliver”.

Brands have been feeling the heat to increase their production line and keep up with demand as more consumers are presented with the fearful words ‘stock coming soon’. Often the product is available and has been produced, but can’t get the stock on the shelves and distributed quick enough, with some brands now selling Direct To Customer.

Other customer are adapting to the new normal and making substitutions before seeing their beloved pets go without, making sure they at least have something. As a result, own branded labels in store and online have seen a huge rise in sales to combat the panic factor feeling our animals are being neglected.

The pet industry certainly has some battles to get through during this time and Direct to Consumer seems to be one of the key ways forward for the future, the industry will certainly look very different once we are in the recovery stage.