Vodafone #FindUnlimited

Instant Win – Augmented Reality

Vodafone Group PLC are one of the largest mobile operator group in the world and they wanted to surprise and delight customers with an innovative augmented reality promotion in London.

#FindUnlimited was only advertised a few days prior to going live through Global radio stations within London. The interactive “Vatoms” were brought to life and were dropped in 6 locations that changed daily.

There were 6 Vatoms available to play at each location, and customers raced around to collect them by visiting www.findunlimited.co.uk and taking part in the augmented reality game. Once a Vatom was found, participants could click on it to reveal instantly if they had won. The top prize was a brand new iPhone 11 and some participants were lucky enough to be given them there and then.

Over the course of the 5 days, game play doubled day on day and social media exploded during the week reaching millions of impressions.

Mando were absolutely thrilled to be part of this inspiring and innovative new instant win promotion.