At Mando, we have a strong and unwavering belief that taking a data-led approach to marketing is not only a smart decision; it is, in fact, the only decision. Agencies, brands and businesses who are failing to analyse and act on data are falling behind.

We are continuously adding to our Mando Databank in a quest to discover the insights that make a difference and learn more about what people really want, how to engage them and how to deliver strong results for our clients in ever more cost-effective and insightful ways.

I am therefore to delighted to announce that, in partnership with YouGov, today we are sharing the results of the biggest ever study into what the British think of loyalty programmes. Our research, insight and analytics will show you what your customers and prospects want from loyalty programmes, what rewards will motivate them and what impact a programme will have on your brand and business.

Did you know that 59% of the population think all brands should offer a loyalty programme? Do you know what your customers think of programmes? And your competitors’ customers? We do. Did you know that almost half (47%) of Brits spend more with a brand if they are a member of its loyalty programme? And that 55% of loyalty members actively want partner rewards from a programme – a more engaging, more cost-effective solution for programmes everywhere than offering their own brand rewards.

We have the ability to analyse population-wide, sector or segment specific and even brand-level data – to get the insights your brand needs to get loyalty right.

This unique study combines YouGov’s Profiles and Brand Index Tools with our own Partnerships EngineTM approach, Mando Databank and loyalty expertise. We can help you understand what your audience wants, what impact a loyalty programme will have on them, how to get loyalty right for your brand, what rewards will motivate them, what brands to partner with and we can then make those partnerships and rewards happen.

I strongly recommend that all marketers sit up and take note; check out our white paper and the highlights of the study:

Please get in touch to find out how we can help you find the insights you need for your brand, and then turn those insights into actions to help you get loyalty and partnerships right.