Who We Are


Data-driven, consumer and employee rewards experts across the UK & Europe

Mando’s team are central to its capabilities.


Through knowledge, stability and innovation, Mando gives brands the confidence and insight to create result-driven partnerships and incentives across the globe.

Meet The Team

Becky Munday

Chief Executive Officer

Becky took the helm for Mando in 2002 and has led some of the most famous promotions in the UK and across Europe.

Paul Townsend

Chief Financial Officer

Having worked for WPP and Mando for over 20 years, there are few challenges that clients and partners present, that Paul cannot solve.

Charlie Hills

Managing Director & Head of Strategy (Partnerships)

Charlie works closely with brands who are looking to make a step change and sees data-fuelled partnerships as the key to unlocking a brand’s full potential.

Jo Ashdown

Managing Partner

An expert in creating strategies, Jo relishes working with clients and partners to co-create evocative concepts to deliver outstanding results.

Emma Dallaway

Senior Partnership Account Director

A commercially minded, analytical marketeer with over six years’ working in brand partnerships.

Isobel Finlayson

Account Director (Partnerships)

Izzy is highly experienced in delivering strategic and commercial brand partnerships with over five years working in the industry.

Elliot Connolly

Partnerships Account Director

Elliot is an original, solutions-focussed and lateral thinker – he enjoys making the somewhat complex nature of partnerships, simple (most of the time).

Leonie Walker

Head of Promotions

With almost a decade’s worth of experience working on promotions across Europe, Leonie works with our clients to tailor campaigns for each market and on a pan-European basis.

Amy Hemstock

Senior Account Manager

Extremely experienced with strong communication, impeccable judgement and meticulous attention to detail, Amy is a focal point for running a successful campaign.

James Davies

Senior Partnership & Insight Manager

James is passionate about creating innovative collaborations that deliver real value with measurable results.

Katy Willcox

Project Manager (Partnerships)

Katy is super organised, keeping a project on track from start to finish. She uses her communication skills and endless enthusiasm to get the job done.

Oscar Finch

Senior Partnerships Account Manager

Oscar has extensive experience in creating and delivering compelling brand partnerships.

Kirsty Rome

Senior Partnerships Account Manager

Kirsty is extremely passionate about strategic brand partnerships, with over 6 years’ experience in the field.

Ella Corke

Account Manager (Partnerships)

Working in partnerships for over three years, Ella enjoys creating successful campaigns for a whole range of clients.

Jess Edwards

Senior Partnership Account Executive

Jess is a valuable member of the partnerships team bringing a youthful knowledge and exuberance to the team.

Mark Lewis

Head of Data Science & Risk Assessment

Mark is our data guru. He has an unrivalled insight into Mando’s ProNet™ database and an uncanny ability to uncover game-changing insights.

Leon Salter

Data Science & Risk Assessment Executive

Leon is an essential cog in the data science and risk management team, helping to unlock the insights which make a real difference.

Lauryn Hallett

Senior Design Executive

Lauryn is an invaluable member of the marketing team overseeing & deploying the design for all market collateral.

Nicky Batson

Finance Manager

Nicky services all of Mando’s daily finance needs – that’s a lot of numbers.

Naela Shafiq

Account Assistant

Naela helps the team service all of Mando’s finance needs to ensure everything runs smoothly and without a hitch.

Kate Sullivan

Customer Service Administrator

Kate is responsible for customer service queries for promotions and organising all administrative activities throughout the office – she’s our glue.

Beverley Saha

Legal Consultant

With over 30 years’ experience in the promotional marketing industry, Beverly oversees all of Mando’s legal requirements as a part of a wider WPP Group legal consultancy role.

If you’d like to find out more about running a successful campaign, please call a member of the Mando team on

+44 (0) 1296 717900