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Mando’s secret sauce is the ability to leverage their expertise in creating and implementing sales promotions, whilst removing the risk of potential exorbitant costs.

What's Fixed Fee Sales Promotion?

The ability to fix all your variable costs in your sales promotion from the very start. Through interpretation of the brand's data and our own extensive database, we estimate how your promotion is likely to perform. We then protect your budget with an agreed cost. Taking all financial risk by paying for each and every redemption.

Through the power of data and the serenity of financial security, it creates assurance and freedom for your brand.

    • Assurance, that whatever happens, Mando will pay the variable costs, allowing you to forecast your budgets and benchmark your promotions with no risk of paying the excess.
    • A freedom to run with headlines of authority and confidence. Mando’s expertise can successfully help you develop headlines with stronger prize funds and greater reach.
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A Value Driven Process

Award-Winning Sales Promotion Provider

With over 40 years of experience across 3000 promotions in over 35 countries, Mando will guide you through the process of Fixed Fee Sales Promotion. Complete the briefing form and allow Mando the benefit of providing an estimate which accurately mitigates risk.01

Managing Risk - We've got it Covered

Mando is a trusted partner working with a number of leading household brands, most of which you’ll be familiar with! The Promotional Risk Management Dummies Guide will further educate your team on how best to strengthen your promotion within budget.02

Data Management and Analysis

Mando carries out the meticulous risk profile across an array of promotions in various industries and countries. All data gathered is then used to help build every unique proposition and help review campaign impact and performance.03

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