As the most experienced promotional risk management company worldwide, we are dedicated to creating
ground-breaking promotions within a fixed budget…

What we do Best…

Mando helps you create impactful sales promotions to help attract new customers, boost customer retention, and reinforce brand values.  

Mando utilises the data accumulated from over 3,000 promotions run in the UK and worldwide, to create the understanding of what influences consumer behaviours. 

Combined with our creative promotional mechanics, and our skill in ensuring it’s all wrapped up as a single fixed fee proposition, we deliver a partnership that you and your customers will be most satisfied with.

Who we are…

Mando’s journey began in 1977, some 40 years ago. As the longest established provider of fixed fee promotions in the UK, Mando has the privilege of helping create some of the most recognised sales promotions of all time. With a team of 20, Mando is agile & responsive. Our backbone is WPP so you always know you’re in good company.

What we Provide…

Award-winning sales promotions

Hundreds of clients across 40 years in over 35 countries have had the benefit of Mando’s experience to deliver successful programmes and powerful promotional results.

Mando harnesses your brand’s data and our own to create empowered headlines to bring your campaign to life. We use our vast promotional history database and a team of experienced professionals to churn the facts and stats to provide you with clear options

Data Management and Analysis

To underpin and protect

Quality data is key to our success. Having managed thousands of promotions we have collated all this promotional data which we convert into meaningful insight. This understanding allows us to add value to your promotion, from challenging your initial brief with an alternative, innovative suggestions, to ensuring all opportunities and risks are fully explored.

Fixed Fee

When managing risk, we’ve got it covered

Fixed fee is the ability to take all costs associated with a promotion and wrap this into ONE fee that protects you from over-redemption. We use all of our experience; data from previous promotions and our experienced team’s knowledge, to estimate the likely redemption rates of your promotion, then set a fee that won’t waver, ensuring you know exactly what you are paying for and not a penny more.

Fixed fee promotions allow you to create attention grabbing headlines with authority and confidence, knowing your budget is fully protected by Mando.

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