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We create smart partnerships and rewards grounded in robust insight to bring brands together to co-create and drive long-term loyalty and engagement amongst customers.

With a seamless brand partnership, companies can achieve the unimaginable. Brands can crack new sectors, target specific audiences, or develop new products and services.

We ignite partnerships for all purposes but specialise in partnerships for reach and acquisition, for loyalty and engagement, for promotions and for innovation. Helping brands get into their target audience’s heads, hearts and hands better, faster and cheaper.

Our Unique Approach


Our method is uniquely fuelled by an abundance of data. We use our tried and tested engagement methodology and Partnership Engine™. It uses 3 data sets to enable us to create and deliver partnerships and rewards which are robust, evocative and, most of all, effective.

A Three Stage Process

Understand Your Audience

We analyse the behaviours of different audience demographics using robust YouGov and WPP data.
We have over 190,000 data points on over 275,000 YouGov members, which we enrich with WPP insight.

Learn What Works Best

We use insight and analysis from thousands of historical reward campaigns that we have run to discover what will work best.
Mando’s ProNet™ database contains 20 data points on over 3,000 promotions.

Who Works Best Together

Based on these outputs we recommend a potential partnership with another brand that has complimentary attributes.
Our Connect Partner Bank™ has over 2,000 fully audited brand partners.

Brands We Have Worked With


The Bottom Line Benefit


Through our Partnership Engine™, brands can develop rewards and offers that are highly desirable for their customers. The rewards can have higher perceived value, all at lower or even zero cost. Partners can add further value by providing expert insight, strengthened distribution networks, valuable reciprocal communications support and full service implementation.